Easy File Bag Making with Video

Whether Or Not you are going to the market, going shopping or happening to the beach in summer season, this internet bag made with cotton macrame will retailer your day.

Start knitting at this time with video and distinctive description! / h2> SpaghettiYarn Cotton Macrame hand knitting yarn 2 mm crochet Goblen needle, scissors



1) We draw 184 chains. you can amendment according to the thickness of your rope. The period of the chain will probably be FORTY cm.

2) We skip the first 15 stitches and scroll to the sixteenth sew.

3) 7 we make a series, skip 7 stitches and scroll to the 8th sew. We proceed this manner till the end of the line.

4) We draw 11 chains at the top of the line. We slide the loop to the 4th stitch. We pull 7 chains and slide a loop to the 4th sew.

We make the entire next rows in this fashion. Pull 7 chains, loop the 4th sew. We spin 11 chains at the starting of each row.

We knit till the length is SIXTY FIVE cm. The width of the online will likely be FORTY cm and 65 cm in length.

Now we go to the sides.

Entrance and Back Facet (2 pieces)

1)  We make 30 chains. Its duration shall be 11 cm.

2) We skip the primary 2 chains and make a unmarried handrail to the third sew.

THREE) This Manner We make 8 rows of unmarried handrails. We pull 2 ​​chains on the beginning of every row.

Side Part

We pull the chain with a duration of 130 cm. We make single handrails for 5 rows on it.

Decrease the perimeters of the online

First, we take on the SIXTY FIVE cm edge of the online by tacking it, leaving a fifteen cm percentage on either side. The period after shirring can be 36 cm. We apply the same process to the other side of SIXTY FIVE cm. We totally shirring with the help of basting, with all sides last 11 cm.

Sew the sides to the net

We stitch the 11 cm side to the online with a device sew. We also sew the perimeter of the web, which we contracted, with its handles 35 cm every via hand.

Video Tutorial

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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