Easy Hairpin Making

Hello everybody!

It Is a great opportunity to judge your final threads!

you’ll knit those beautiful hairpins for both you and your loved ones.

Let’s get started right away. !


La Mia Diamond hand knitting threads;
Black (L006) color thread
Middle Of The Night Blue (L159) color thread
Yellow (L160) color rope
Cyan (L054) colour ip3 mm crochet wool needle Tire


1) 100 chains are drawn, ranging from the second chain, triple handrails are made into every chain. < /

It Is necessary to go out three times whilst doing the handrails.

2) The handrails now we have done in the second row are double handrails and continue until the tip of the row.

It’s necessary to climb thrice at the same time while making handrails.

3) Every Time we make a handrail within the 3rd row, this time is sustained till the end of the row.

4) In The fourth and closing row, by way of creating a hole, handrails are made and small small bins are formed. It’s closed with the final slide method and a long thread is left for sewing.

5) The buckle we knit is doubled and stitched together.

6 ) The tire with a safety pin is inserted from one end of the tire inlet section left at each ends, and after the entire tire has been inserted, the rubber ends are sewn by adjusting the scale. the 2 ends of the buckle are sewn with the rest thread to hide the tires.

easy-to-sheet-buckle-making-1 simple-sheet-buckle-making-1

It Is that straightforward! you’ll use color by way of making various colors.

easy-to-sheet-buckle-making-2 easy-to-sheet-buckle-making-2

Hello use!

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