Easy Harosha Scarf / Neck Collar Making

Hi There !

We Will best knit a very trendy scarf / neckband with harosa knitting!

you’ll be able to knit this pretty type right away and begin the usage of it on cool summer evenings.

Let’s get started!


1 Snowball Angora Herbal Prints hand knitting yarn4 mm knit1.9 mm crochet

how to

We knit most effective harosa knitting throughout the knitting.

1) We Commence our industry through throwing FOUR loops, knitting 1 row.

2) We build up FOUR loops as we move to the second row. we will easily building up the FOUR loops in total by way of wrapping the yarn as soon as a bottle before knitting THREE loops. We entire this sequence by way of knitting, including the loops we have higher.

3) We additionally building up 4 loops in the related means as we transfer to the following row. on this approach, we can building up 4 stitches in every row and knit them to the duration we want.

We knit within the pattern until the entire choice of 312 stitches. Approximately 39 enamel correspond to harosha measurement.

FOUR) When We reduce our stitches, we commence to use the spider type from one end of the neck with a crochet hook.


FIVE) Pistachio balls at the ends of the 4th spider model we weave. In other words, we knit 2 pistachios in a row the place we sunk and sink within the similar position again. Therefore, 2 peanuts come in combination.

Our scarf / neck collar model is about after part decoration!

easy-harosa-shawl-neck collar-development

Well Being for your hands!

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