Easy Kids Beanie Making

Hello all, we have include a very easy and really trendy beret knitting trend that you just can knit and end temporarily.

you must surely do that beanie so one can protect your babies from the chilly while winter is coming near.

Let’s start right away!


La Mia Wool Simple Cream (L050) color hand knitting yarn FOUR mm needle


1. ONE HUNDRED stitches are started.

2. 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted for 10-12 rows.

3. the rest of the beret is knit with harosa knitting.


4. While our braid is 30-32 thread-shaped from the beginning, the collection is completed through knitting 5 loops in the straight path and chopping 1 loop. The back is knit as a knit.


5. 3 immediately stitches in each and every directly route and 1 loop minimize, 2 loop and 1 loop minimize decreases. When 10-12 loops stay within the needle, the loops are amassed with needle and glued by means of shrinking. it’s doubled and sewn from the aspect.

you’ll be able to use it via making decorations in line with your kid’s style.

Your beret is set!

Well Being for your hands …

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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