Easy Knitting Glasses Case Making

Howdy !

How about creating a knitted glasses cover that you simply can easily knit, use for shades or casual glasses?

it is well known that folks that wish to lift glasses beside scratch glasses. I additionally fall into this category precisely, but i cannot like cumbersome instances.

That Is why I knit myself in a sitting glasses case and allow me share the recipe so you can knit it. so easy!

Allow me inform the fabrics and allow’s start knitting right away!


YarnArt Cotton Comfortable hand knitting threads;
1 White (01) colour thread
1 Beige (05) color thread2.FIVE mm crochet steel bag deal with < h2> Instruction

1) We knit a single handrail to each loop and knit it to the tip of the chain through pulling 22 chains and sinking it to the 3rd chain. We weave 5 handrails within the remaining chain. Then we proceed the other aspect of the chain, just like knitting the bag base, and we finish the line via making 1 unmarried handrail to every loop. We finish the order via knitting 4 handrails to the last loop by means of sewing the loop.

easy-knit-goggles-cover-making-1 easy-knitting-goggles-sheath-making-1

2) Within The 2d row, we finish the row by way of knitting a single handrail into each loop (Blo). We follow the same manner within the upper ranks. you can modification the color in any order.

3) 26. We knit up to 27th row with such handrails and knit the 27th row with widespread needles.

4) We attach the metal apparatus within the 22nd row either by way of sewing or threading it with a needle.

5) Finally, we go the twenty sixth row in order to puck out.

That Is it!

Easy Knitting Glasses Case Making

Easy Knitting Glasses Case Making


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