Easy Male Neck Collar Making

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It’s very easy and sensible, a type made through the use of a opposite knitting with the identify of haroşa!

the important thing element of the style is that it usually starts with a haroşa knitting transfer and in addition the closing loop final in our bottle finishing with haroşa knitting.

If we give an instance;

Knit-minimize-building up, Knit-lower-increase, Knit-minimize-building up, Knit-minimize-increase, knit…

Your remaining sew at all times leads to a knit knitting trend. you can building up or lower the numbers consistent with this rule.

Even As going to the highest, the style at all times repeats itself

Knit-cut-increase, Knit-minimize-build up, Knit-minimize-build up , Knit-reduce-building up, knit…

Then let’s start!


2 items YarnArt Merino Bulky Gray (3072) hand knitting yarn NINE mm knitting needles < h2> Instruction

1. Bottle 31 is stitched.

2. Harosha, that is, knit-cut-increased by reverse weave

3. The starting and finishing loop should be in solidarity so that the front and again are the similar.

4. the front and back of the knit are knitted in the similar way. Always harosa, knit-lower-building up. We entire all of the queues in this approach.

We use roughly 1.5-2 balls of yarn for a single-layer neck collar. And we knit it until it reaches about 75 cm.

Excellent well being!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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