Easy Men’s Sweater Making


We’re with you with easy sweater making for men who love simple and trendy sweaters!

Make your loved ones happy with this sweater style you’ll be able to easily knit. !


EIGHT Snowballs Alpaca Polo Black (K940) color ip6 mm 100 cm line skewer6 mm 40 cm line skewer


Dimensions L Suitable for size.


100 cm trimmed skewer is used.

1) with 22 loops Beginning.

2) FORTY TWO rows are knitted from the interior of the collar within the type of 1 build up, 1 flat knit.

the other shoulder is knitted in the same way and combined in the same line. you return below armpit.

3) 1,2,3 increments are made.

the front and again sides are blended and knitted with a line skewer.

4) 82 rows of undeniable weaves are knitted.

5) ELEVEN rows are made from 2 reverse and a couple of instantly weaves and the body is done.


30 cm cutting line is used.

1) Start by way of eliminating FIFTY FOUR loops from the knit FORTY TWO rows from the shoulder.

2) 1 in one armpit every 10 rows Every stitch is lowered and 45 loops remain.

3) FORTY FIVE loops are lowered by means of NINE in 1 row to 36 loops.

4) ELEVEN rows of two opposite, 2 flat tires are made.


FORTY cm long line skewer is used.

1) ELEVEN rows of two reverse and a pair of flat tires are constituted of the interior of the collar.

2) “V” within the middle of the collar in the segment, relief is made by getting rid of 1 stitch from THREE stitches in each and every row

Whats Up use.  easy-male-miss-build


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