Easy Portfolio Bag Making

Hi expensive knitting enthusiasts,

i can explain the development of the portfolio bag you spot underneath.

you can succeed in me from the feedback while there may be a place to hold.

First the dimensions of our bag 33 × 25 and lining and zipper. should you wish to make this measurement or you want to make it bigger, you’ll do it via lowering or increasing the collection of chains. (is determined by the size of the bag you need.) 1/2 meter lining fabric (is determined by the scale of the bag you need.)


1) We Begin by means of pulling 33 chains.

2) We Begin by means of sinking proper next to the chain we last pulled. We make 2 needles in the related chain, so we made an increase. Then we make 1 needle as much as the closing chain. at the ultimate chain, we make FOUR needles and turn to the opposite facet of the chain. Again, we make 1 needle to every chain, on the starting we make 2 needles to the chain 2 more continuously and now we have made our base. There should be FOUR widespread needles in the corners in general.

3) It Is quite simple from now on! We knit in a spiral approach by means of making one needle to every loop until the height of the bag reaches the dimensions you want. But positioned a locator according to row so you do not need a hard time making what we call the brink border.

22 rows are knitted for the size shown in the example.

Side Decoration

1) After arriving at our foundation, we skip 1 sew and make FOUR double handrails to the second sew, and then skip 1 stitch and again 1 We make needles incessantly. alternatively, we skip 1 stitch within the comparable means and make FOUR double handrails to the following one, then we skip 1 stitch and make 1 widespread needle. We proceed this manner till the tip of the line.

That’s it:) Our bag is finished! you’ll be able to get started using it in an instant by way of sewing the lining and zipper.


Stick With love.

if you percentage the bags you’ve gotten made with the #golgeileclutch tag, i will have the chance to look and like what you’ve gotten performed and also have the chance to share them.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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