Easy Shabby Beanie Making

Hello !

Lately we will be able to knit with you a trendy, shabby beret for women in instruction for the iciness months.

Let’s get started right away!


1 Snowball Lily hand knitting yarn 5 or 6 mm skewer Pompom (optional)


Hahasa knitting development.

1. Bottle 40 we take a loop and begin. (If we knit for young girls, we can increase a few loops.) We knit all the loops as a knit till our braid is 30 cm.

2. when we knit 1 knitting period, we minimize 10 loops that correspond to the forehead. .

3. During 30 loops, we first knit two loops in combination and cut a loop, then get rid of a loop from the spit. on this method, we cut the rest loops through chopping and throwing them.

4. once we are completed, we take away the loops that we have now made. Thus, our knitting takes the shape of a big shrink.

5. If we want, we stitch pompoms on our hat.

Our hat is about!



Well Being for your hand!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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