Easy V Beanie Making

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I Would Like to percentage a beanie recipe that you will knit and end in a sitting rapid, pleasant and straightforward, each shabby and snug, and stylish and can heat you up.

Let’s get started knitting very quickly. !


Kartopu Gonca hand knitting threads;
Crimson (K707) colour thread
Yellow (K327) color thread5, FOUR and 3 mm crochet wool needle


Purple colour is knitted with thread.

1) It’s started by making the rubber part first. 13 chains are drawn with a FOUR mm crochet hook. within the 2d row, every chain has the appearance of a V, and in the second one row, the needle is made ceaselessly by sinking to the back loop of these Vs (with Blo method). .

3) In This manner, the needle is made steadily till it’s approximately 43 cm by means of sinking into the back loops.

Here, the real measurement will be enhanced to degree according to its head. .

4) The knitted tire is combined with the sliding way at both ends and the pattern is started to be constructed on the tire.

It’s knitted with a yellow thread.

< 5) 4 chains are drawn with a FIVE mm crochet hook, double handrails are made to the same aspect and therefore our first V is formed. in the first row, the bouncy parts of the tire are skipped, the V parts are provided through making double handrails and 1 chain to the center portions and making a double handrail to the similar point again. It’s knitted in this way till the tip of the row.

6) 4 chains are pulled to move up in the second row and V is formed by means of making a double handrail into V. In The Meantime, the fashion keeps by way of making double handrails, 1 chain and double handrails in Vs, that is, making Vs into Vs.


7) Converting the color in both rows 10 rows, that is, if the top of the tire is measured, knit about 15 cm.

8) From here, we will start narrowing our beret with out slicing. For this, about 6 rows with a 4 mm crochet knit approximately 7-EIGHT cm.

NINE) The ultimate two rows are knitted with a 3 number crochet. within the ultimate row, most effective double handrails are made into each and every V in order that the top of the beret narrows down and the rope is reduce lengthy.

10) The beret is gotten smaller and stitched through the basting way by means of attaching the rope to the wool needle.

you’ll be able to make pompoms in keeping with your request.

we are in a position!

Well Being in your arms!

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