Ebruli Beanie Making

Hello pals!

I Have a very nice marbled beanie recipe for you.

How approximately knitting this pretty beret in combination?

i hope i can tell!


1 Snowball Elite Wool Grande Prints Ebruli (H1938) colour hand knitting yarn 7 mm line skewer



< strong> 1) We stitch 47 stitches and combine the first stitch with the last stitch.

2) We stay FORTY SIX stitches and knit a flat knit by way of expanding 1 and chopping 1.

3) We continue until the tip of the rope.

4) We cut and shut regularly within the ultimate rows.


1) We Begin to wrap our rope around the cardboard now we have prepared as a circle or square.

2) The Size we would like to have a pompom. After wrapping up, we tie the middle with some other thread of the similar color and slowly dispose of the cardboard from the middle. > Excellent health!

Ebruli Beanie Making

Ebruli Beanie Making

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