Economic Wool Shawl Making

Hello buddies!

The Whole Lot has an financial system, is it not a scarf?

This scarf is popping out of one ball of yarn.

Do Not take a look at it!


1 Snowball Angora Natural Dark Beige (K1872) colour hand knitting yarn4 mm skewers


1) We Start our knitting with 87 loops.

2) Within The first place, we knit 2 flat loops, and then build up and loop 1 loop bottle. Then we knit 6 loops directly and lower 2 loops, we knit 6 loops instantly and fill 1 loop bottle. We knit 1 loop flat and fill 1 bottle. We knit 6 loops straight, reduce 2 loops, knit 6 loops, fill one bottle. We knit 1 flat and fill 1 bottle. We knit 6 loops flat. We proceed in this method and whole the first row.

3) We knit the entire loops within the again row.

4) After We come ahead, the second we continue the similar procedure within the level.

5) This Way we knit till the thread is brief.

6) With the few closing threads We make needles at the ends frequently.

7) Finally, we optionally pull the chains of the duration we would like and attach them to the knitting by trimming the sides.

That Is it!

economic-yun-sal-build-1 economic-yun-sal-construct-1

Might it’s easy!

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