Fairy Tale Cardigan Making

Hello !!

After a long holiday, i will be able to be with you with a stupendous cardigan expression like a fairy story.

Let’s get started knitting this stylish cardigan together!


L. A. Mia Pastel Cotton hand knitting threads;
12 pieces of Pomegranate Flower (L180) colour thread
2 pieces of Green (L055) colour thread3.5 mm crochet wool needle


The given cardigan sizes are for sizes FORTY TWO-44.

The cardigan is knitted from the back to the front body.

1) 55 cm lengthy chain for the again dimension. withdrawn. Double handrails are made at the chain. It consists of all knitting handrails.

2) Whilst the knitting period is SEVENTY TWO cm, let’s separate the shoulders and neck. Let’s take 22 cm for the shoulders and knit the front down from the shoulder.

3) Let’s knit the shoulders in 7 rows. Then, we building up 1 handrail by the collar one row apart. Let’s do this 8 times. Thus, we will have created a V-neck for our cardigan.

4) Next, let’s knit without any increase. Let’s end when it comes to the same length as the back.

5) Let’s knit the other entrance piece the similar.

6) Each And Every shoulder need to be Let’s knit 21 cm of handrails on all sides and take a complete of 42 cm arm width over the cardigan.

7) After rows, we decrease a handrail on each side of the arm. Let’s proceed with a lower in 4 rows.

8) When the cuff width reaches the specified measurement, let’s decrease the cuff width.

i’ve arm period 39 cm, arm cuff width 32 cm. I did. you’ll be able to make any size you want.

9) Let’s knit the other arm in the similar means.

10) After making the facet seams of knitting, Let’s sew the bottom phase.

11) Let’s make a crochet tire round our cardigan with our green thread.

12) 18 cm for pocket Let’s weave it with a sequence, and knit it with a period of 18 cm. Let’s knit again crocheted rubber in the pocket mouth. Let’s make our pocket after making the decorations on the pocket.

13) Let’s make pistachios by way of sinking 6 instances on a chain for the decorations. Let’s sew them on the cardigan. Let’s use a layer of orange thread and a layer of inexperienced for decorations.

Our cardigan is over!


Come easy to these who want to knit!

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