Fox Beanie Making


Are you ready for Fox beanie making? So come on to my recipe.

For some reason i will not give up on fox garments. Especially what is happening for the children takes me from me. i’m hoping you’ll love it as a end result. I just liked it.

don’t overlook to take a look at it too. listed here are the main points for making Fox beanie!


Kartopu Baby One hand knitting yarn;
1 Red (K1170) colour thread
1 Cream (K025) colour thread
1 Black (K940) colour ip3 mm crochet

you’ll be able to also try orange as a color for a fox beret.

tips on how to make it


We knit with a pink thread.

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1) Allow’s make a magic ring and knit 12 double handrails in it.

2) Allow’s knit 2 double handrails for every loop.

3) Permit’s knit 1 unmarried and 1 double handrail to the loops, respectively. In different phrases, let’s knit 1 double handrail to the primary loop and a couple of double handrails to the next sew and knit it to the end of the row.
5) Let’s knit THREE unmarried and 1 double handrails, respectively.

6) Knit FOUR unmarried, 1 double handrails, respectively.

7) Let’s knit FIVE unmarried and 1 double handrails to the stitches respectively.

8) Permit’s knit 6 unmarried and 1 double handrails, respectively. < /

9) Allow Us To knit every loop by means of making 1 double handrail without any increase for 7 rows.

We must knit a complete of 8 rows with white thread.


Decrease Ears

We knit with a white thread.

1) Permit’s knit 19 widespread needles and decrease the stitches as much as 4 stitches by means of reducing one loop from the sides that flip the next 14 common needles.

2) Your ear Permit’s wrap round with common needles.

3) Permit’s knit again 32 common needles and then concentrate once more with 14 widespread needles. Permit’s move down and finish once more.


4) Permit’s flip around the beret, including a row of ears, with a pin.



We knit with a purple thread.

1) Allow’s fill the space between the last and the first handrails in the hollow formed.

2)  Permit’s make it again through lowering 3 rows of handrails.

3) Then we proceed with the needle and drop back to five-6 loops until it comes back.

4) Allow Us To move the needle yet one more time to the perimeters so that it seems to be directly.

2) Permit’s end every slot by way of double sinking.


Most Sensible Ears

We knit with white thread.

1) Let’s pull 12 chains and cut them back to three loops via rotating them with common needles. Allow’s cut the rope.

We knit with crimson and black coloured threads.

2) Allow’s get started making widespread needles round it starting from the bottom with our crimson thread. Allow’s make 2 needles in a socket in the nook portions.

3) After We get with regards to the end of the ear, let’s move black.

4) As Soon As the top has passed, let’s continue with the pink color and entire the order once more.


Border Decoration

I planned the fox beret recipe as a beret for ladies and i made your lash.

Permit’s make 7 handrails in the 2nd handrail slot and cling the needle in the third slot frequently.

2) 4. let’s make 7 needles in the socket and hang it within the 5th socket with a needle.

3) Permit’s make 7 handrails to the final sixth slot and cling the needle with a needle within the seventh slot and hide the thread.

you’ll also make a watch choice on those operations, nevertheless it need to be equivalent at the right and left.

fox-bere -yapimi-8


1) Let’s stay the beanie correctly. Let’s depend the ears from the 7th handrail socket via counting from the top.


2) Allow’s sew the black piece to the top of the nostril. Let’s stitch their eyes and make eyelash optionally.

And we had a wonderful fox cap!


Just Right success to those who will do it!

Have a fair day.

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