Fox Sock Making

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Unique recipe for folks that love to knit socks!

you’ve the chance to combine the colors you want to make various knits with inventive recipes. adorable socks and so on. you’ll knit merchandise.

so that you can draw in the eye of your children and make garments more fun with creative decorations.

Fox socks are one among them!

Let’s get started right away!


Snowball Child One hand knitting yarn;
1 Tile (K1210) colour thread
1 White (K010) colour thread
1 Black (K940) colour ip3 mm 5-pack sock knitting3 mm crochet needle


Sizes are appropriate for dimension 38-39.


FIVE-pack skewer is used. The white color begins with the thread.

1. It begins with 5 stitches.

2. FIVE extra stitches are far from FIVE stitches.

THREE. 2 bottles are crossed and 5 loops in 2 bottles.

FOUR. 10 got rid of in 1 row 10 the loop is knit flat.

5. 1 loop is far from the middle of the FIVE loops of 5 loops and yet another needle is attached.

(FIVE loops always stay solid in 2 needles.)

a total of 56 loops. (23,5,23,5)

8. 56 loops knit 10 extra immediately knit.

9. Meanwhile, 6 loops of white and 1 loops are knitted in the type of a flat knit with a tile color.

10. 4 loops of white, 3 loops of flat knit are knitted. .

ELEVEN. Meanwhile, 2 loops of white and FIVE loops of tile are knitted in simple weave.

White colour is completed. The tile colour is modified.

12. 12 extra rows of FIFTY SIX loops are knitted.

THIRTEEN. 16 loops, looking forward to SIXTEEN loops 24 rows of knit flat.


1. 15 loops at the most sensible and bottom are minimize.

2. 15 loops in the center are knitted in 15 rows of plain weave.

3. 15 loops are reduce on 2 facets of 10 loops.


1. 10 loops made within the heel are kept in a flat knitting needle.

2. 12 loops are far from 24 rows of flat knit.

3. 16 loops on grasp are knit flat.

4. 12 loops are removed from the 24 rows at the different aspect.

 General turns into 50 loops.

By decreasing 5-3-1, the ears are pointed.

it is 8 stitches between 2 ears.


Black color is knitted with thread.

Fox Sock Making

Fox Sock Making

1. 6 needles are knitted along THREE rows and sewn between the two eyes.

Video Tutorial

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