Furry Easy Shawl Making

Hello ,,

I’ve come up with an overly nice scarf knitting pattern that you will use on your unique occasions.

i really like the usage of this shawl especially at weddings.

let’s see Are you?


Kartopu Janjan hand knitting yarn Millennium Yumoş Colourful hand knitting yarn 6 mm needle


Kartopu Janjan starts with the rope.

1. it’s started by throwing 10 loops for the middle a part of the scarf and knit as a knitting.

2. Increasing 1 sew on all sides until A HUNDRED AND TEN loops in overall. haroşa knitting maintains. there will be 50 rows of bother, you’ll do extra if you happen to want.


3. After A HUNDRED AND TEN loops, 30 loops are laid with fur string, A HUNDRED AND TEN loops are knitted, 30 loops are thrown. Greater portions right here will create the necessary parts for the binding of the wrap.

easy-to-wrap-wrap-making-2 Furry Easy Shawl Making

4. After knitting 5 cm, all loops are cut and knitting is finished.

5. 20 with fur string The loop is thrown and approximately ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE cm (concerning the backside circumference of the scarf) is knitted and completed.

the two pieces we knit are stitched together.

Furry Easy Shawl Making

Furry Easy Shawl Making

Our shawl is set. Come on to the marriage

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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