Granny Square Easy Cushion Making

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Granny sq., as we know, wished a lady, preferred a gradual throw pillow with a motif?

Let’s get started with this colorful pillow, that you can simply knit?

 Fabrics La Mia Cottony hand knitting threads

2 items of Purple (P10) color thread
1 piece of Orange (P22) color thread
1 piece of Green (P12) color thread4 mm crochet1 piece scissors


Entrance Side

We Start with orange yarn and knit through converting our yarn colour in every order.

1. We make 12 double handrails into the magic ring.

2. We make handrails to each handrail slot. We pull a series among the Trabzans.

3. We make 3 handrails to the spaces the place we draw a chain. We pull a series between each triple handrail group.

4. We make triple handrail groups at the first and 2d chain space. We not chain among teams. We create our first corner via making THREE handrails, 1 chain and 3 handrails in a third chain house. We knit on this manner until the top of the row. when we come to the corners, we make THREE handrails, 1 chain and three handrails in a series space.

We knit via changing the rope in each order until we get the dimensions we want.

Back Aspect

1. We knit our again like our front however simplest in purple. The choice of rows of the back and entrance faces have to be the similar.

After combining the 3 aspects of front and back faces with the scroll method, we positioned our pillow inside of and mix the closing aspect with the scroll.

granny-square-easy-dirty-construction-1 granny-square-easy-dirty-development-1

Our pillow is over 🙂

Granny Square Easy Cushion Making

Granny Square Easy Cushion Making

Let’s use on happy days!

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