Günebakan Bookends Making

Hello !

I ready a very practical recipe for you!

you can knit this gorgeous model in a short time and give it in your loved ones.

i’m hoping you knit it with excitement.

Let’s start now!


Gazzal Baby Cotton hand knitting threads;
Green (3449) colour thread
Brown (3436) colour thread
Yellow (3413) color ip2.5 mm crochet


Sh: Magic ring

X: Common needle

V: Increment

Dc: Binary handrail

Hdc: Unmarried handrail

Zn: Chain



Brown color with rope we knit.

1) 12dc into Sh

2) (1dcv) * 12 (24dc)

We knit with a yellow thread.

3) We pull 3zn and pull 1dc to the same place, 5zn and ban 2hdc to the same place. We skip x and proceed the similar procedure.

4) We make 1x on the handrails and 8x inside the chain blanks.


Green we knit with color rope.

1) 7xn and pull 1x, 1hdc, 4dc from the second one zn, 5dc, 4dc, 1hdc, 1x.


We knit with inexperienced thread.

1) we pull 45 seconds.

2) 45x

We plant the leaf in the center of the stem and the sunflower at the head.

That’s it!


Health to your hand!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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