Günebakan Coaster Making

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As Of Late now we have brought you a great recipe so that it will upload naturalness to your house decoration.

if you happen to are able, let’s start knitting this pretty development right away!


YarnArt Denims hand knitting threads;
Brown (FORTY) color thread
Yellow (35) colour thread2.1 mm crochet


Let’s knit with brown colour thread.

1. Let’s make 20 handrails within the magic ring, wrap the loop and mix it.

2. Pull 5 chains and skip a loop and the opposite loop Let’s do a handrail. Let’s skip one loop with 2 chain intervals and make a handrail on the other. a complete of 10 containers can be formed.

3. Let’s make THREE handrails within all the boxes, draw a chain among them.

Let’s knit with a yellow rope.

4. Let’s pull the 5 chains and pull a sequence within the backside row to pin the gaps we created. in this approach, let’s proceed until the tip of the road. a complete of 10 containers will be formed.

5. Let’s pull FOUR handrails and a pair of chains into the gap and make a needle at the remaining handrail. Let’s knit FOUR more handrails and connect them with needles. Let’s fill the containers like this.


sunflower-cup-bottom make-1

That Is it!


sunebakan-glass -tligi-yapimi

​​Health to your hands!

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