Herringbone Braid Bracelet Making

Hi everybody!

Have You Ever ever puzzled how the herringbone bracelets we see so frequently are made?

Now you’ll be able to knit this fashionable bracelet with our recipe.

Let’s start now!


Loren Natural Baby knitting threads Clip report or wristband knitting device


1) To create herringbone we make the nodes from the right and left to the middle. We arrange the yarn in 3 different colors, 170 cm long, side via aspect on a flat ground. We make sure that that the ends of the threads are aligned. Then we double within the middle.

herringbone-wristband-making-1 herringbone-wristband-making-1

2) We make a knot 1 time via creating a ring from the tip. we commence the weaving procedure through hanging the knot rather than the clip of a clip report.

herringbone-wristband-making-2 fishtail-wristband- make-2

THREE) We make the knot towards the left facet.

fisher-wristband-making-3 herringbone-bracelet-making-3

4) We make the correct knot.

baliksirti-wristband- make-4 baliksirti-banlık-yapimi-4

FIVE) We make 2 knots at the thread 2 with the thread 1 on the left.

We make 2 nodes in the other way at the thread 3 with the thread 1 on the right side. herringbone-wristband-making-6 fish-wristband-making-6

7) Thread 1 is within the center.

herringbone-wristband-making-7 baliksirti-wristband-making-7

EIGHT) We make 2 knots on thread 1 at the left and thread 1 on the appropriate.

 bali ksirti-wristlet-making-8 baliksirti-wrist-making-EIGHT

1. collection is entire.

herringbone-wristband-making-9 herringbone-wristband-making-NINE

NINE) 2.

We whole the knitting process by repeating the steps. herringbone-wristband-making-10 herringbone-wristband-making-10

Our wristband is set!

herringbone-wristband-making-11 herringbone-wristband-making-11

Just Right health in your fingers!

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