Knit Crown Buckle Making

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We would possibly not have the ability to seek out the products we would like, but that doesn’t imply we won’t do it.

So let’s knit a knitted crown in combination.

you’ll be able to even embroider for your blanket motifs, child clothes are also excellent.

Let’s start!


Loren Natural Cotton Cyan (R087) color hand knitting yarn 2.2 mm crochetCover

(any Okay, I selected the one with snaps. i believe it will be very nice within the circle.)


1. We pull out 10 chains and begin with the second one chain and make NINE widespread needles. We move to the top row by means of pulling 1 chain as we move to the top row, so we knit 4 rows in total.

2. We pull 6 chains, leap 2 chains and make 1 double handrail to 3 chains and 4 chains we pull out 2 chains, we make 1 double handrail on the 3rd chain again, we pull 6 chains, we sink into our closing chain and fill the chains with needles.

3. 3 we pull the chain and we wrap around the chain in such a approach, we flip the chain around the 4 rows on the backside and end it.

organ-tac-buckle-making- 1 knitting-tac-buckle-making-1

Ready To connect wire buckle, rubber buckle or snap buckle to the fabric you will use

knitting-tac-buckle-making knitting-tac-buckle-making

use it on good well being days.

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