Knitted Earring with Tassels Bow


We made a combined tasseled rings for you through the use of some bow and a bit tassel.

This We imagine you will just like the stylish rings.

Let’s get started at the moment!


Kartopu Amigurumi Mustard Yellow (K322) color hand knitting thread2.5 mm crochetEarring apparatus


1) Let’s pull 3 chains into the magic ring. Let’s make 3 handrails and cling directly to the ring with 3 chains. Let’s pull 3 chains once more and make THREE handrails. Let’s grasp the hoop with 3 chains. There are FOUR areas in the Trabzanlı phase. we can make puffs / peanuts we make from these fibers in those blanks. For this, allow’s pull THREE chains, allow the crochet stick in the gap and leave the rope for an extended time, after taking the rope 3 times, pull the entire loops in the crochet one by way of one. Let’s do the same with other slots. Let’s get out of the three chains with common needles again.

2) In The other part, let’s apply the second degree. Let’s reduce and conceal the rope.

puss-with-bow-knitting-cup-making-1 puss with-bow-knitting -kupe-yapı-1

4) Let’s make a tassel by way of connecting two fingers 6-7 instances and tying them.

5) Let’s stitch the tassel to the piece we knit.

Tassel earrings are in a position to be used!

Get it easy now.

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