Knitting Bust / Note Pad Making

Hello ,,

I ready an ornamental knit bust / word recipe that you just can personalize and gift for your family members.

i can present this bust to my cousin and her skin colour, hair color, hairstyle , i have determined my yarn and fabrics according to the eye color.

you’ll be able to begin to make a selection and knit your fabrics in step with the illusion of the person you wish to have to gift.


SMC Catania hand knitting threads; > 1 pores and skin colour (Beige) thread
1 colour purple thread
1 colour black thread
1 color crimson thread2.FIVE mm crochet fiber 8 mm colored locked amigurumi eye embroidery or wool needle scissors wool felt felt needle Beads Wooden coaster Sizzling silicone stick and gun

Completed Dimension

10 cm.


SH: Magic ring

x: Scant pin

v: Increment

e: Decrement

BLO: The back of the stitch Knitting the rope at the rope by sticking



We Begin with skin colour. 6x (6)

2) v (6 reps) (12)

3) 1x into 1v ( 6 reps) (18)

4) 2x, 1v (6 reps) (24)

5) 3x, 1v (6 reps) (30)

6) 4x, 1v (6 reps) (36)

7) 5x, 1v (6 reps) (42)

8) 6x, 1v (6 reps) (48)

9) 7x, 1v (6 reps) (54)

10-19) 54x

His eyes are 14-15.

We continue with red thread.

29) BLO 60x

30-37) 60x

Thread we interrupt. We fill the fiber.

29. We knit our yarn at the BLO we knit in order and knit the collar by knitting 60x until the top of the row.


We knit with purple thread.

1)  6x (6)

2) v (6 reps) (12)

3) 1x into SH , 1v (6 reps) (18)

4) 2x, 1v (6 reps) (24)

5) 3x, 1v (6 reps) (30)

6) 4x, 1v (6 reps) (36)

7) 5x, 1v (6 reps) (42

8) 6x, 1v (6 reps) (48)

9 ) 7x, 1v (6 reps) (44)

10) 8x, 1v (6 reps) (60)

Without chopping our thread we mix the frame and the bottom by way of knitting 60x. Let’s no longer omit to fill the fiber earlier than ultimate it completely.

organ-bust-note-making-1 organ-bust- note-making-1

Face Remedies

* Nostril: SIXTEEN-17 with flesh-coloured thread.

We Are running within the line.

* Eyelashes: We Are running on the eyes with black thread.

* Mouth: We’re working within the twentieth line with pink thread.

we will sew jewelry from pearl beads upon request. we can practice blush to your cheeks if favored.


We lower the length of wool wool from the required duration and attach it to the higher a part of the top with the needling technique with a needle. We fix the tip portions with scissors.


We stick the bust we prepared with sizzling silicone to the wooden base. Optionally, you can convert the cord holder clip to the note holder by including a wire note clip.


Knit bust is set to gift on your family members!


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