Knitting Flower Bookends Making

Hi everyone!

This fashion is for bookworms!

We brought you a bookmark that is very easy to make.

Let’s start knitting this beautiful style in no time!


Gazzal Child Cotton hand knitting threads;
Yellow (3413) colour thread
Water Inexperienced (3425) color thread2 mm crochet


Zn: Chain

X: Needle

Dc: Double handrail



We knit one piece with yellow string, one piece with water inexperienced color string and we get 2 flowers in total.

1) We shoot 19 occasions. From the second zn, we knit 18x ​​and go back with out pulling any zn.

2) We skip 1x and knit 5dc into the other x and attach it to the opposite loop with 1x. We knit 5dc into the similar loop and fasten it with 1x. We continue the similar procedure until the top of the row, that is, 8 leaves in overall.

3) We flip the flower we knit with yellow thread round itself and plant it by means of giving a rose shape.

4) We wrap the flower we knit with a water green color string around the yellow flower and stitch the two in combination.


We put a yellow thread within the center of the leaf.

1) We end by way of pulling 70 chains.

It Is that simple!

orgu- cicek-book-brace-making-1

Wish you enjoy the usage of it!

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