Knitting Pine Tree Keychain Making

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After We are slowly coming near the brand new Year, will have to we also get ready our souvenirs?

Who doesn’t love New Year’s Eve?

This Simple knit pine for all of your family members. you’ll knit a tree via giving it. 1 Inexperienced (FIFTY TWO) colour ip2 mm crochet Key chain ring 1 button


Zn: Chain

X: Needle

W: 3x in the same hole

Blo: Knitting from the again loop


Inexperienced knit with rope.

1. 4zn, 1x, 3w, 1x = 5x

at the chain with 1z on the finish of every row return.

2. Blo 2x, 3w, 2x = 7x

3. Blo 7x

4. Blo 3x, 3w, 3x = 9x

5. Blo 9x

6. Blo 4x, 3w, 4x = 11x

7. Blo 11x

8. Blo 5x, 3w, 5x = 13x

9. Blo 13x

10. Blo 6x, 3w, 6x = 15x

11. Blo 15x

The rope is broken and hidden in the tree.


The brown thread is counted and tied from the top element of the tree.

1. 3x

At the top of every row, return 1zn.

2-3. 3x

The rope is broken and hidden.

THE KEY ring is hooked up to the top of the tree and the button is sewn.

Your lovely knitted pine tree decoration is ready!

Health on your hand!

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