Lace Cover Placemat / Supla Making

Hello everyone!

Whether Or Not you use it as an American carrier, as a cover or as an decoration.

This lace knitting development is for you!

Inside your round trays How approximately making any such beautiful supla?

if your resolution is yes, take your rope and are available! we’re starting to knit!


1 ball Los Angeles Mia Silky Burgundy (L014) color hand knitting yarn2 mm crochet


1) We make 6 frequent needles into the magic ring.

2) We knit 2 handrails inside of each common needle.

3) 1 we whole the row within the form of handrails, 1 chain.

4) We whole the row within the form of 1 handrail, 2 chains.

5) Each We knit 1 handrail by sinking into the chain.

6) We whole the order in the type of 1 handrail, 3 chains.

7) Each And Every We knit one handrail by sinking into the chain.

lace-american-service-making-1 lace-american-service -made-1

8) 2 tra We entire the order in the type of bzan, 2 chains.

9) We knit one handrail through sinking into each and every chain.

10) THREE We entire the row in the form of handrails, THREE chains.

11) We complete the row by means of repeating it in the type of 2 handrails, 2 chains, 2 handrails, 4 chains by sinking into the ring we created by means of pulling 3 chains within the previous row. < /

12) We knit 10 handrails. In the former row, we skip the puts we made FOUR chains and whole the order via repeating in this approach.



It Is that easy!

Health to your hand!

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