Lace-up Booties

Hi !<

For Those Who are uninterested in classic models, let’s get you right here!

We tried a sports and trendy fashion with this booties and we liked it very much!

If You wish to take a look at it too, immediately Let’s get started knitting!


1 piece Örenbayan Dora Saks Blue (016) color hand knitting yarn Small quantity of beige yarn for lace3 mm crochet decisiveDelay

the best way to make

Dimensions 38 Appropriate for -39 number.

1) The magic ring is created.

2) Filled With 12 double handrails within the ring .

3) Double handrails are double dipped and 24 handrails are bought.

4) One single handrail, one in turn. The series is completed with double handrails. (There should be 49 handrails in general.)

6) In The fifth row, four different places are greater and the choice of stitches is completed to FIFTY THREE.

7) Knit and stretch 1 sew to each loop with none increase for a complete of 10 rows.

Thread is broken.

8) Row ends are on the backside 16 loops are decided from front of the booties. The looper is hooked up to the looper.

9) For the phase to stay underneath the SIXTEEN loops that are marked, 1 looper is knitted for 12 loops for every section.

The rope is damaged.

10) The Remainder 37 loops, apart from 16 loops, are prolonged through knitting 1 handrail to each loop for 7 rows.

11) 8 . 1 stitch is increased from anywhere within the order.

12) 9. 1 sew is greater from the same position in the row.

13) 10. 1 stitch is larger from the similar position within the row.

14) 11. 1 stitch is greater from the similar place in the row. (SHOULD BE FORTY ONE loops in overall.)

15) 12-20. 41 loops are knitted fixed in rows.

Thread is broken.

16) The wing parts are sewn together so that the joint is inside.

this is how we complete the hull.

17) 1 row of double handrails is taken to the threshold of the booties, excluding the part underneath the lace.

18) The lace to be used is tied by means of passing it through double handrails. you can also use ready-made lacing.

Our patience is ready!

Stick With love!

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