Lale Girl’s Dress Making

Lale Girl's Dress Making
Lale Girl's Dress Making

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This knitting model, which has a memorization with each the color and the tulip motifs on its skirt, will not look for the attire in logo baby shops …

Let’s start knitting this fashion so one can attract the entire attention! /


Los Angeles Mia Child Cotton hand knitting yarns;
Matte Blue (L035) color thread
Cream (L002) colour thread3mm trimmed spit3mm crochet2 button


Sizes are suitable for a long time 1-3.



Cream begins from the hem with the rope.

1. 106 stitches, knit 5 cm of undeniable weave.

2. Whilst knitting length is FIVE cm, straight knitting is began with blue thread. .

THREE. Whilst the knitting length is 11 cm, a tulip pattern is implemented following the scheme with a cream coloured thread.

FOUR. When knitting length is 27 cm, 10 loops are knitted for the waist and six loops are amassed and reduce. in this approach, the row is knit repeatedly till the top.

5. Flat knitting is continued with the remainder 76 loops.

6. Knitting duration When it is 32 cm, knitting is sustained on all sides of the knitting with 4 loops of two + 2 stitches respectively and the rest 60 stitches are continued.

7. While knitting period is 39 cm, knitting for each arm 1 sew is greater from either side 10 times.

EIGHT. When the knit duration is FORTY cm, the loops for the back collar are targeted and divided into two.

2 buttonholes are opened 6 cm except the center of the other phase. While the knitting duration is 46 cm, the loops are cut in 1 time.



1. Knitting duration is 42 cm knitting within the comparable approach because the back piece. . 2 + 2 + 1 stitches are minimize from both sides of the stitches minimize for the collar, respectively, even as 1 stitch is greater from the side of the knit for 10 times at the same time.

FOUR. While the knitting period is 46 cm, 25 loops remaining on the shoulders are cut in THREE levels.


1. 84 loops are collected from the collar around the collar with a cream-colored thread and removed and instantly knitting is knitted. in the 2nd row, it’s larger to 190 loops. Knitting is sustained with A HUNDRED NINETY stitches. > 1. 76 loops are accrued from the arm around the arm with cream coloured thread.

2. FOUR cm simple weave is knitted and finished in 1 time.

It is completed whilst the knitting period is 13 cm. it’s sewn from the center phase and erected via forming a bow. For the center of the bow tie, 5 chains are drawn with a gloomy blue thread and their ends are mixed. 6 needles are made into it. Each row is greater by FOUR widespread needles and FIVE rows are knitted and finished. it is sewn to the center a part of the bow. The prepared bow is sewn to the waist of the back of the get dressed.

and ready!

tulip-girl-child-dress-making tulip-woman-kid-get dressed-making

Health in your hand!

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