Macrame Knitting Supla Making

With knitting, you’ll prepare stylish tables and host your visitors.

With this really easy knitting model, you can make a supla set instantly.


4 Spaghetti Yarn Cotton Macrame Powder colour thread (for 6 items of Supla Staff) 5 mm crochet


1) 12 double handrails are made into the magic ring.

2) 2 double handrails are made to each loop. a complete of 24 handrails are acquired.

3) The stitches are knitted as 1 single and 1 double handrails through making 1 double handrail to the primary sew and a couple of double handrails to the second one stitch, respectively. a total of 36 handrails are bought.

4) The stitches are knitted in 2 rows and 1 double double handrails, and the whole row is knitted. a complete of 48 handrails are bought.

5) The loops are knitted in THREE single and 1 double double handrails, and the whole row is knitted. a complete of 60 handrails are obtained.

6) The loops are knitted in FOUR unmarried and 1 double double handrails, and the whole row is knitted. a total of SEVENTY TWO handrails are bought.

7) 2 double handrails are made, 1 chain is pulled, a loop from the ground row is skipped, 2 double handrails are made once more, 1 chain is pulled, 1 loop is skippedā€¦ the entire row is knitted in this approach.

we can later insert ribbons within the holes in this row.

8) 1 loop consistent with loop, the chain rows in the ground row Knitting the whole row via making 2 widespread needles.

9) 6 chains are pulled, THREE loops are skipped, and the fourth is sunk. THREE chains are drawn, 1 loop is skipped, and the second one is sunk. In this fashion, the whole row is knitted by means of creating holes, one massive and one small, aspect by means of side.

10) FIVE triple handrails are made in the big holes, 2 chains are pulled, FIVE in the similar hole. More triple handrails are made. The closing handrail, which is the ultimate in the small holes, is tied with a needle.

Our knitting base is set!

Then, 1 and a part meter 1 cm ribbon to decorate 7.

Hope to be a visitor of your sublime tablesšŸ„°

Health for your hand!

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