Macrame Mesh Bag Making


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We make our mesh bag with macrame knotting knitting technique. We twist our cord into two luggage of handles and twist them thru 20 stitches.We knit the macro knot (FOUR) as in the scheme. We proceed to knit by way of cutting a 2 meter long rope and lengthening a loop. Before joining the two stems, we combine 3 facets of a directly macrame in every stalk, then 2 rows from the sides and finish the 2nd row and join the two facets of the bag. (We continue to knit loops.) When our bag reaches the duration we wish, we knot the ends and turn them over. (The silicone gun can also be secured with half so that the knots aren’t opened.)

Macrame Mesh Bag Making

Macrame Mesh Bag Making

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