Making a Baby Blanket with a Flower Pattern

I CAN proportion with you an easy to knit and delightful sweet baby blanket fashion. 2 items of White Opal yarn3 mm wool crochet


1) We Commence our motif by way of pulling 8 chains and forming a ring with our purple colour thread.

2) Within The first row, we knit 2 triple handrails with 2 chains apart. We create our 8 workforce handrails.

3) Subsequent we transfer directly to our white thread. We whole our row by means of knitting 2 triple handrails at the places where we pull the decrease row chains with THREE chain durations.

4) We use our pink thread at the finish of our motif. We knit our 3 motifs, 2 chains within the middle and four chains in the corners and entire our motif. .

If we use opal thread, we want to organize 11 motifs, in the event you use a thread like Ören Mrs. Dora, we need to organize at least 12 motifs.

7) We use our crimson thread in our first row. We knit the circumference of our blanket by way of knitting 3 triple handrails with THREE chain intervals.

8) We continue with our white thread in our 2d row. We repeat the same process, we knit THREE chains and 3 triple handrails.

9) Within The closing row, we continue to knit with our purple thread. starting from the empty part, pulling FOUR chains, knitting THREE triple handrails and solving our handrails with the needle manner on the stuffed boxes. We repeat the similar process till the edge of the blanket is long gone. Our blanket is finished.

Desire you employ it on beautiful days

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