Making a Baby Blanket with Daisy Pattern

Hello knitting enthusiasts,

Nowadays I Will tell you how to make a child blanket with a daisy motif.


10 Snowballs Child Comfortable rope
3 white (K010)
THREE inexperienced (K569)
2 blue (K515)
2 crimson colors (K774) 2 mm crochet


1. First, we make SIXTEEN double handrails to the magic ring.

2. We skip a hollow and pull 4 chains and make widespread needles. there’ll be 8 bins.

3. Once More, we pull FOUR chains and sink to the highest of the needles. We make the second one bins.

< /

FOUR. 3 double handrails, THREE chains once more 3 double handrails, and we do the same procedure to all bins by way of moving right away from the wrapper to the following box.

5. We fill 8 double handrails into the packing containers the place we draw THREE chains and pass the other field without twisting.

On the reverse side of our braid, we tie the white thread from the green thread in the second one row, which is still on the backside. We make THREE double handrails in EIGHT packing containers and draw 3 chains among them.

7. We make 14 double handrails, pull THREE chains, make 14 double handrails again and do the same to the opposite edges.

8. We make 1 double handrail to each loop, we simplest make 3 double handrails, 3 chains to the square where we pull THREE chains at the corners, THREE extra double handrails to the similar place. We do the same to all edges.

9. We insert the fairway thread and do the same as the eighth row and holiday the thread.

Our motif is over.

If you would like, you’ll be able to colour the edges of the blanket with different coloured threads by means of passing 1 row of double handrails.

Excellent health.

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