Making a Decorative Christmas Motif

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We’re here with an attractive motif.

Whether as a mandala, as a key ring or to embellish your Christmas tree while the brand new Year is approaching.

how you use this motif Use it, we’re positive that you will right away enter the spirit of Christmas.

Let’s start knitting then?


YarnArt Jeans hand knitting threads;
1 piece of Inexperienced (FIFTY TWO) colours ip
1 Cream (03) colour ip
1 Crimson (26) colour ip2 mm crochet


Sh: Magic ring

Time: Chain

X: Needle

Cc: Loop wrapping

Dc: Double handrail


We Start with cream coloured thread.

1) 24x into Sh. We shut the hoop and pass up with 3z.

2) 1dc, 1zn, 1dc, 1zn, 1dc. We repeat this procedure until it’s 24dc.

We transfer to green colour.

3) Pull 6 times into the same hole 1dc, 1x soar, 2zn into the same loop ( 1dc, 3zn, 1dc), 2zn, skip 1x, into the same loop (1dc, 3zn, 1dc). We repeat this process till the end of the collection.

decorative-christmas- motif-construct-1

4) We come to the nest we made with the primary 3zn cc. In the same loop (2dc, 3zn, 2dc), 2zn into the same loop (2dc, 3zn, 2dc). We repeat this procedure until the top of the collection.

5) We come to the socket we made with the first 3zn with cc. In the same loop (3dc, 3zn, 3dc), 2zn, into the similar loop (3dc, 3zn, 3dc). We repeat this procedure until the end of the series.

decorative-christmas – motif-yapimi-2

We go to the purple rope.

6) We encircle each and every loop with 1x inside of each loop.


7) Width After We come to the final stitch, we pull 20zn and combine it with cc into the last stitch and hide the thread.

ornamental-christmas-motif -Tutorial

Well Being in your hand!

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