Making a Popcorn Heart Blanket for Amigurumi Babies

Hello everybody!

This time we’ve got prepared a very great blanket in your amigurumi babies.

Let’s get started knitting this soft blanket to be able to colour your kid’s video games in an instant!


Kartopu Child One hand knitting threads;
1 Yellow (K1310) colour thread
1 Grey (K1432) colour thread1 Snowball Amigurumi White (K010) color hand knitting thread2 mm crochet


Zn: Chain

X: Needle

Popcorn: Knitting double handrails FIVE occasions in the comparable loop, then gathering them all in a single loop

Blo: Knitting the loop from the back lobe


  Center Motif

We knit with yellow / gray coloured thread.

1) 15x from the 2nd chain and 15x

2) 1, we flip, 15x

3) 1, we turn, 15x

4) 1zn, spinning, 7x, 1 popcorn, 7x (15x)

5) ong> 1nn, we flip, 15x

6) 1n, we turn, 5x, 1 popcorn, 3x, 1 popcorn, 5x (15x)

7) 1, we turn, 15x

8) 1, we turn, 4x, 1 popcorn, 5x, 1 popcorn, 4x (15x)

9) 1, we flip, 15x

10) 1, we turn, 2x, 1 popcorn, 9x, 1 popcorn, 2x (15x )

11) 1, we flip, 15x

12) 1, we flip, 2x, 1 popcorn, 4x, 1 popcorn, 4x, 1 popcorn, 2x (15x)

13) 1, we flip, 15x

14) 1, we turn, 3x, 1 popcorn, 2x, 1 popcorn, 1x, 1 popcorn, 2x, 1 popcorn, 3x (15x)

15-17) 1, turn, 15x

We cut the rope.

We knit 13 yellow motifs and 12 gray motifs in total. We knit all the edges of every motif with our white thread steadily.


We Will Be Able To mix the motifs we knit with 5 motifs in each row, one yellow and gray. you can mix your rating first in the horizontal route or within the vertical path. In different words, we mix the two loops of the two loops at the back lobes of the corresponding loops by way of combining them.

We combine all our motifs in this approach.

Part Crochet

We knit with white color thread.

1) When the pattern becoming a member of technique of our blanket is finished, we knit the entire edges by means of making widespread needles first.

We knit with grey thread.

< strong> 2) 2. We make one more row of needles so as.

We knit with yellow thread.

THREE) 3. we take our yarn to our crochet hook and fix it with a needle. We skip 3 stitches and make 7 double handrails to the similar sew, and we skip 3 stitches and make 1 needle. We repeat this process throughout the line.

It was a miniature child blanket type for our kid’s toys.


Well Being to your hands!


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