Making a Scarf with Mrs.

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An Easy and enjoyable motif to knit!

the lady we often use in lots of models used to be wished, favored the motif.

Cardigan, sweater, blanket, kitchen apron, coaster and so forth. if truth be told, there are many uses similar to.

This motif, which is typically used in blanket making, we will be able to use this time for weft making.

Let’s start!


Kartopu Lily hand knitting yarn;
1 Gentle Gray (K920) color thread
1 Pistachio Inexperienced (K369) color thread
1 Snow White (K010) color thread6 mm crochet


Hanim Dilendi Bey Appreciated Motif

1. 3 double handrails, 2 chains, THREE double handrails in a magic ring with white rope We make the primary position by way of making 2 chains, THREE double handrails, 2 chains, 3 double handrails, 2 chains and sliding the loop. we will be able to minimize the white thread and turn to inexperienced rope.

lady-beggar-bey-begendi-motif-with-weft-recipe-5 girl-begging-bey-begendi-with-weft-recipe-FIVE

2. THREE in a nook with a inexperienced rope within the 2nd row We make two double handrails, 2 chains, THREE double handrails again in the same slot. We repeat the method FOUR instances, we complete the order by means of sliding the loop and turn to the gray rope.



trong> within the 3rd row, we make THREE double handrails in a corner, 2 chains together, THREE double handrails and end one nook. We pull 2 ​​chains subsequent to it and we make 3 double handrails and a pair of chains on the 2 chains at the aspect. We repeat this process three times in overall. And we entire this collection.

4. In The Meantime, we continue with the gray thread. We succeed in 3 nook handrails in a single corner, 2 chains, 2 chains next to 3 double handrails and three double handrails, 3 double handrails next to 2 chains, 2 chains and the opposite corner. This process consists of FOUR repetitions in total.

And now we have finished the motif. We make 10 motifs in this manner.

Motif Mixture

We pull 5 chains from the nook of the motif and make a needle in entrance of the opposite motif. We entire the mix by way of pulling FIVE chains and zigzag.

After becoming a member of the motifs, we cross 1 row of double handrails across the weft.

Making a Scarf with Mrs. Dilendi Bey Begendi Motif

Making a Scarf with Mrs. Dilendi Bey Begendi Motif


Health to our arms.

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