Making a Stylish and Easy Neck Scarf

Hi !

Once More, I Am here with a very easy knitting pattern.

when you mix it in your clothes, it’s going to change your climate and stay you warm on cold days!

Let’s start!


Snowball Birthday Party hand knitting threads4 mm skewer


1) 1 . Let’s start with 1 loop harosha within the queue. we will be able to make harassment from all sides of the knit.

2) 2. Let’s increase a loop from the start and the end so as.

3) This Fashion, let’s knit for 20 rows by expanding from the start and the tip.

4) 21. Let’s knit 2 opposite and a couple of flat knit in row, let’s knit rubber.

5) Let’s knit 20 extra lines like this.



6) FORTY ONE. let’s continue to harass from each side from the normal.

7) ONE HUNDRED FORTY. Let’s continue knitting from each side, including the row.

8) Let’s make 2 reverse, 2 flat rubber knitting for 20 rows again.

< strong> 9) Let’s do the other of the increase we made within the most sensible 20 at this stage.

10) Make a loop aid from the start and end of every row.

Making a Stylish and Easy Neck Scarf

Making a Stylish and Easy Neck Scarf


11 ) Let’s do the aid for 20 rows and finish.

we will be able to get started knitting an insert for one end of our shawl.

12) 2 for 20 rows let’s knit 2 flat rubber the wrong way up and sew this piece to the again of the rubber braid we knit ahead. we will be able to go the other end of our shawl thru this segment.

THIRTEEN) Let’s weave a flower motif if we would like it over the rubber braid.



That’s it! Just Right success to all of you!

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