Making Amigurumi Mini Presentation Cacti

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We introduced you a great amigurumi knitting trend.

The recipe of our cactus could be very simple and simply ends.

Our cactus contains three pieces, after which we sew the pieces. .

I made a video narration for you.

I wish you a nice knitting and stress-free looking.


La Mia Cottony hand knitting threads;
1 Inexperienced (P30) color thread
1 Fuchsia (P24) colour thread
1 Mustard Yellow (P18) colour thread
1 Orange (P22) colour thread
1 Magenta (P26) color thread
1 Beige (P4) colour thread2.FIVE mm crochet fiber Needle, thread



Inexperienced color thread knit.

1-2. 12 chains are drawn. 1 extra chain is pulled and the highest row is handed. 1 chain is pulled and the highest row is passed.

3. The 3rd and subsequent rows are knitted to the back of the loops (with the Blo methodology), knitting each and every loop with 1 needle.

4. Knit as in the third step for a total of 14 rows. Then, the two lengthy edges are joined in combination by either needles or stitching. Fiber is crammed while joining.


Fuchsia color is knitted with string.

1. 5 needles are made into the magic ring.

2. Then 5 chains are pulled and 1 double handrail is made to the facet loop.

3. 2 among every loop the second one step is repeated via pulling the chain and leaving a space.


The Specified colour is knitted with a string.

1. 6 in the magic ring Needles are made steadily.

2. 2 needles are made for every loop. a total of 12 needles are made.

3. 2 unmarried needles are made to the first loop and 1 widespread needle to the next loop, making 1 unmarried, 1 double widespread needles to the loops. a total of 18 widespread needles are made.

4. One common needle is made for every stitch by means of sticking to the back of the loops (using the Blo methodology).

5. 18 frequent needles are knitted by means of making one widespread needle to each loop for 3 rows.

6. the threshold of the pot is made by taking a string from the ground loop blanks.

Finally, all of the parts are blended with the needle and thread as shown within the image.


Our little cacti are completed! you’ll be able to supply your loved ones a gift by way of making quite a lot of colours and colours.

amigurumi -minik-presentation-cacti-yapimi-2

you’ll be able to easily knit with our video narration.

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