Making Basket From Jute Rope

Convey the knitting magnificence for your house with jute rope!

you could have the danger to knit decorative baskets for your own home in accordance on your own taste. The Use Of the most straightforward form of knitting, enjoy making decorative baskets that you can purchase from stores in upper amounts, making the baskets that you can decide your measurement and decorations. > 4 mm crochet 5 meters Pompom Ribbon Black colour


X = Needle

V = Build Up (More Than 1 needle is made into 1 frequent needle.) (Ex. 1v = 2x)



1) 12X in magic ring

2) 12V (24)


4) 48X

5) (3X, 1V) * 12 (60)

6) 60X

7) (4X, 1V) * 12 (72)

8) 72X

9) (5X, 1V) * 12 (84)

10) 84X


Continue from the base.

1-28) ong> 84X

The Top a part of the body is bent as so much as preferred and the pompom strips are sewn.

Well Being for your hand.

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