Making Beret with Linen Knitting Model

Hello ,

You’ll Be Able To make great caps with different knitting patterns and spend the entire wintry weather widespread.

you’re going to love our knitting beret this time!

Let’s knit together!


L. A. Mia Wool Easy hand knitting yarns;
1 White (L001) colour thread
1 Blue (L203) color thread3.FIVE mm line skewer4. 5 mm line shine8 mm line shine


Get Started with blue colored thread.

1. we commence 100 loops with 3.FIVE mm sheath.

2. We knit 1 row of 1 + 1 rubber braid and join the ends of our braid.

3. 1 + 1 rubber braid into our braid We proceed knitting with FOUR cm.

4. You’ll Be Able To do the knitting development and knitting of our beret by way of looking at our video.

Video Production

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