Making Carnation Bookends

Hello everyone!

I introduced you a fun and very useful fashion to make!

i want to inform you about this lovable bookends style.

Let’s get started knitting at this time! < /


Dora hand knitting threads;
Green (068) color thread
Crimson (034) color thread2.5 or THREE mm crochet



We knit with green thread.

1) We create a magic ring and knit 6 widespread needles.

2) In The 2nd row, we squeeze the bottom of the needles and never the ground of the needles, making 2 common needles for each loop. We knit a complete of 12 widespread needles.

THREE) We continue knitting with the same collection of 7 rows upwards.


We knit with a purple thread.

1) First we knit 2 triple handrails on each and every loop. We repeat the similar procedure with 2 chain intervals. We whole the first row.

2) Within The second row, we knit 4 triple handrails by way of sinking into the intermediate spaces. Through pulling 1 chain in among, we repeat the similar procedure.

3) Within The closing row, we knit and whole the perimeter with the needle means. In different words, we knit our crochet thread and pull it in combination and fasten it at the similar time.


We knit with green thread.

1) We tie the knot in the body of our carnation by means of making layers of our inexperienced string. We put it through the magic ring and position it. We pull approximately 25 cm of chain with our rope and shape the branch part.

clove-book-brace-making-1 clove-e book-brace-making-1


We knit with inexperienced thread.

1) About 20 cm as a single coat from our inexperienced thread We pull the chain up and get ready our thread, we tighten the bottom of the clove and tie the knot and complete the clove.



Use on gorgeous days!



well being!

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