Making Christmas Ornament Candy Socks

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While The New Year’s decorations continue, it’s time for the candy socks. you set goodies, it creates a good looking heat look.

a very simple and rapid recipe, health on your paintings.


Loren Herbal Cotton hand knitting threads;
1 Pink (R003) color thread
1 Green (R028) colour thread
1 White (R001) color thread
1 Turquoise (R091) color thread3 mm crochet


The Desired color begins with the rope.

1. A magic ring is made and 8 frequent needles are inserted into it.

2. 2 widespread needles are carried out to each loop.

3. The thread color is modified and 1 loop needle is implemented to each loop for five rows. Then the loop is closed with a slide.

it’s passed to the heel section.

4. A single loop is caught 4 loops back from the loop. 2 double handrails are made next to it and three extra double handrails are made by skipping one loop.

5. it is proceeded by means of 2 loop sliding and one chain is pulled to the highest row.

6. 1 loop is skipped and 4 double handrails are made.

7. 1 loop is skipped and 1 unmarried needle is knit and 1 chain Top stitch is passed with.

8. 1 stitch is skipped and a couple of double handrails are knitted and closed by way of loop slip.

The wrist segment is passed.

9. Wire colour is modified and one loop is sticked from the back of the heel. Continuous knitting with a single loop of widespread needles surrounding it’s completed.

10. 1 needle is knitted on each and every loop over the similar row for 8 rows.

< strong> ELEVEN. The yarn color is modified and 1 needle is made to every loop for 1 row.

12. 8 chains are pulled and 1 loop is skipped and the striking position of this sock


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