Making Colorful Knit Pants

Making Colorful Knit PantsHi ,,

We introduced you a full spring knit pants.

you are the most fashionable with those colored knit pants.

Let’s start knitting immediately!


Loren Herbal Child hand knitting threads;
FIVE pieces of Military Blue (R005) color thread
3 pieces of Blue (R102) colour thread
THREE pieces of White (R001 ) colour thread
2 Burgundy (R099) colour thread2 mm crochet


Our trousers consist of 132 motifs.


Navy Blue the color begins with the rope.

1. FIVE chains are drawn, the ring is shaped via combining it with the first chain.

2. THREE inside the hoop a total of 12 double handrails are made within the type of two double handrails, THREE chains, THREE double handrails, 3 chains.


Claret red colour is modified.

3. 3 double handrails, 3 chains and three double handrails are made in the bottom row chain areas. 2 chains are pulled, the other chain is handed into the gap and knitted in the comparable means.

Blue colour rope is passed.

4. 3 double handrails within the chain areas in between, 2 the chain is pulled. THREE double handrails, THREE chains, 3 double handrails are made at the corners.

White colour rope is used.

5. 3 double handrails within the chain areas between. , 2 chains, 3 double handrails; THREE double handrails, THREE chains and 3 double handrails are made at the corners.

Army blue rope is used.

6. THREE single handrails (faux needles), 2 chains are pulled on the corners, 1 widespread needle is made by way of sinking in the corner of the opposite motif
, 1 chain is pulled, 3 single handrails are made,
again sinking into the chain space of the other motif, 1 needle is made, THREE single
handrails are made.

1. 10 motifs are combined for the first row of the waistline.

2. 10 motifs are combined for the second one row. so as to supply network width, rows of dark blue thread are knitted between the motifs in the entrance heart and rear middle (fifth and sixth motif), and a single handrail is knitted and blended.

3. 5th and 6th motifs in front and again it is joined in combination by making 14 ring chains
the place it meets. For the ring chain, 3 chains are drawn from the starting point and a double handrail is made, and it’s sunk to the similar point, again,

4. THREE chains are drawn and a double handrail is made within the space under. 2 motifs are brought to the aspect. in this means, the network is created.

5. Both legs are finished with five motifs. There are 7 motifs in every row on the legs.
There are 8 motifs on the leg period.

6. FOUR common needles at the legs, THREE chains on the fourth frequent needle, with a scraper

7. The waist phase is knitted in the form of 3 double handrails, 1 chain and 10 rows within the 11th row, FOUR frequent needles are complemented via making THREE chains on the fourth widespread needle.

Making Colorful Knit Pants

well being!

color-knit-pant-making color-knit-pant-making.
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