Making Combed with Combed Rope


I selected to make my base, which I knit from combed yarn, in sizes. i assumed of it as a cup and teapot however it too can be used for plates and cups, or it may possibly be used as a pots. it will also look simply positive whilst knitted with other forms of threads. I selected to knit by means of increasing so as. When making larger pads, I suggest you proceed with an increase in loops, one after each 3rd row.

1) Pull THREE chains.

2) Soak the crochet hook within the first chain and get the rope.

3) Pull a sequence and go to the top row.

4 ) Take a rope once more and take a rope so that you can build up it.

5) Similarly, you’ll proceed until your pad is the scale you wish to have. (THREE rows)


Cup Coaster


Teapot Pad

As Soon As the base is the scale you need, you can end knitting and start making tassels.

7) Minimize the selection of threads round the bottom to the length you wish to have.

Tassel Making

If the tassels come in your eyes, you can trim them with scissors.


Our base is ready.

Desire you utilize it on stunning days…

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