Making Decorative Pine Tree Pillows

Should You haven’t yet entered the brand new 12 months spirit, we have now an excessively nice knitting pattern for you!

With those pillows, the brand new yr spirit will to find existence in your living room!

Let’s start!


Snowball Clever rope;
3 Khaki Green (K480) color threads
1 Inexperienced (K392) colour thread
1 Mild Inexperienced (K442) colour thread
1 Cream (K025) colour ip6 mm knitting needle


Pillow within the form of a Pine Tree

Starting with a Khaki Inexperienced colour string.

1) It starts with SIXTY FIVE loops. (it’s going to be FORTY cm.)

2) Reverse knitting is done.

3) The Second One fashion begins; 2 reverse, 1 straight, NINE reverse, 1 directly, 9 opposite, 1 instantly, NINE opposite, 1 directly, NINE opposite, 1 immediately, NINE reverse, 1 straight, NINE opposite, 1 instantly, 2 reverse are put in. 1 stitch is diminished from the edges.

* on the reverse side of the knit, the flat is flat, the opposite is knit backwards. on the flat facet of the braid, 1 loop is reduced from the sides.

4) Within The 3rd row, the inverses are inverted, the flats are knit flat.

5) In The 4th row, 3 directly, 7 inverted, THREE immediately, 7 inverted knit to the end of the row.

1 sew is lowered from all sides.

8) Within The seventh row, inverted, inverted, flat knit.

9) EIGHT 7 instantly, THREE inverted, 7 immediately, THREE inverted rows are persevered until the end. 1 stitch is reduced from each side.

10) Within The ninth row, inverted, inverted, flat knit.

11) 10 NINE instantly, 1 inverted, NINE instantly, 1 inverted row is knitted to the end. Then knitting is completed along 1 row.

12) After knitting 1 row of flat knitting, NINE opposite, 1 flat trend is placed again, steps between 2-ELEVEN rows are repeated. . It maintains to diminish from the edges. It decreases until FORTY THREE loops remain. 14) Once More, 9 opposite and 1 instantly models are installed. Steps among 2-11 rows are repeated. Once More, 1 loop relief is created from the perimeters. FORTY THREE loops are decreased till ultimate.

15) 43 loops are increased again by 7 loops from either side. The type is re-dependent and the aid is started on the flat side of the knit.

16) Whilst 38 stitches are left, FIVE stitches are greater from the edges.

(it’s going to be FORTY cm.)

2) Knit a flat weave along 4 rows.

Green thread is tied.

3) 7 loops of khaki inexperienced colour yarn, 1 loop of green color yarn is knitted in the form of a straight knit until the tip of the row. . on the flat facet of the braid, 1 loop is lowered from the perimeters.

4) FIVE loops of khaki green color are knitted with 3 loops of inexperienced color thread within the type of a simple weave to the end of the row. Decrements are made out of the edges.

5) Knitting within the form of a plain knit with THREE loop khaki inexperienced thread and FIVE loop inexperienced thread to the tip of the row. Decreases are created from the edges. (because the dark color decreases, the number of gentle loops increases.)

6) 1 loop khaki inexperienced thread is knitted to the end of the row in the form of a plain weave with 7 loop green thread. Decrements are produced from the sides.

7) Directly knitting is finished with inexperienced thread along 2 rows, once more, 1 loop is diminished from the perimeters.

Light green colour The rope is tied.

8) Instantly knitting is finished with a mild green coloured yarn for 1 row, once more 1 loop is diminished from the perimeters.

Cream coloured yarn Model is started with 7 loops of sunshine green colour thread, 1 loop of cream colour thread and 3.

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