Making Fingerless Owl Gloves


1 La Mia Wool Simple Cream colour ip4 mm shish4 small buttonsLoading


1) Let’s get started with 42 loops. Let’s knit 2 inverted, 2 flat tires along 6 rows.

2) For the fitting hand: 2 straight, 2 reverse, 12 instantly, 2 reverse, 22 straight

<For left hand: 22 immediately, 2 inverted, 12 directly, 2 inverted, 2 straight

examples are arrange.

3) Immediately over 4 rows immediately, inverted backwards.

4) An instance is made from 12 flat knit sections. it’s divided into FOUR teams as 3 loops as in the first picture below. Teams marked with purple are changed to stay on most sensible.

5) After the pattern, 4 rows are flat, the inverted are inverted.


6) FOUR until our example is 4 and 5.

while we make the pattern (21st row), one in all the sides of the 2 loops within the middle starts to be increased. we’ve FORTY TWO loops; 20 on the correct, 20 on the left and 2 in the middle. we will be able to resolve 2 loops in the middle and build up 1 loops from the edges of those loops for 7 rows. this may make our thumb.

7) 4. After making the pattern, let’s weave the 6 flat part of the sample with brass braid. Let’s knit the interior of the sample for 10 rows of rice and the flat, the inverted. in the period in-between, let’s do the boosts for our thumb.

8) Once We increased the brink 7 instances for the thumb, we had SIXTEEN loops with two loops in the heart. Let’s knit and reduce only these SIXTEEN loops in FOUR rows.

9) In our ultimate loops, we continue our example, where we knit rice for 10 rows, and let’s knit immediately and opposite upside down for six rows.

Then, after making six rows of tires, let’s lower. Let’s sew our buttons as shown within the picture.

Our glove is ready ­čÖé Just Right health.

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