Making Five-Eyed Earrings

Hi !!

These Days I Will discuss making five-eyed jewelry.

it is very easy to make this trendy rings.

i hope you favor it.

Let’s start knitting this beautiful fashion in no time!


Snowball Organica Purple (K1721) color hand knitting thread2.5 mm crochetEarring equipment


1) Put 18 pins into the magic ring and combine it with the start.

2) draw 3 chains and four double handrails, 4 chain, let’s make 5 double handrails.

3) Let’s return and draw 6 chains and make 4 double handrails, 3 chains, 4 double handrails into the distance. Let’s pull 6 chains and fix them to the top of the ground hand rail.

4) Let’s return and make 8 common needles into 6 chain blanks. Let’s make common pins on handrails. Let’s make THREE double handrails, 1 pair of scraps and 3 double handrails in the middle THREE chains. Let’s make THREE chains even as sticking, and hold directly to the primary chain.

5) Let’s lower and hide the rope.

5 eyes our earrings are ready.

bes-eyed-mug-making 5-eyed-mug-making

Well Being in your arms.

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