Making Floral Wall Decoration

Hello ,,

We Have Now prepared you the wall decoration that heralds the spring.

Whether to your living room or in the kid’s room…

This floral wall decoration will bring spring to your home!

How approximately we knit in combination?


Gazzal Baby Cotton XL hand knitting threads;
Light Purple (3411XL) color thread
Gentle Blue (3423XL ) color thread
Turquoise (3426XL) colour thread
Fuchsia (3415XL) colour thread
Mustard Yellow (3417XL) colour thread
Ecru (3410XL) color thread2 mm crochet


Zn: Chain

X: Needle

A: Decrement

Tr: Triple handrail

Cc: Sew shift


Triangular Piece (2 items)

Mild Purple and Turquoise knitted one via one.

1. 25x over 26 seconds. Returns with 1zn.

2. 1a, 21x, 1a = 23x. Go Back 1zn.

3. 23x. Return with 1zn.

4. 1a, 19x, 1a = 21x. Go Back 1zn.

5. 21x. Return with 1zn.

6. 1a, 17x, 1a = 19x. Go Back with 1zn.

7. 19x. Return 1zn.

8. 1a, 15x, 1a = 17x. Go Back with 1zn.

9. 17x. Go Back with 1zn.

10. 1a, 13x, 1a = 15x. Go Back with 1zn.

1. 15x. Return with 1zn.

12. 1a, 11x, 1a = 13x. Return 1zn.

13. 13x. Returns with 1zn.

14. 1a, 9x, 1a = 11x. Return 1zn.

15. 11x. Go Back 1zn.

16. 1a, 7x, 1a = 9x. Return 1zn.

17. 9x. Return 1zn.

18. 1a, 5x, 1a = 7x. Return 1zn.

19. 7x. Go Back 1zn.

20. 1a, 3x, 1a = 5x. Return 1zn.

21. 5x. Return 1zn.

22. 1a, 1x, 1a = 3x. Go Back 1zn.

23. 3x. Return with 1zn.

24. 3 stitches are knit together and decreased = 1x.

to mix the items, 5xn to 25x purple piece with Ecru color thread and 25x at made to turquoise piece. Then, by means of returning, 1 row of needles is made and the chain of preferred period is pulled and hooked up from the opposite end to hang at the wall.

Plant Life (FOUR items)

1. 6zn pull and loop the primary chain to create a ring.

2. 4zn, 3tr, 3zn, 1cc.

3. Second The Next procedure is repeated till there are 4 leaves.

Health on your hand!

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