Making Glove Knitting Technique with 2 Needles


L. A. Mia Merino hand knitting threads5 mm 20 cm Titanium Socks Needle


1. FIVE cm 1 + 1 rubber knitting beginning 35 loops knit.


2. After the end of the rubber knitting, 2 rows of flat knitting are knitted and 1 loop is larger from either side of the 1 loop within the middle of the knitting.

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THREE. Knit in each rows until the number of stitches for the thumb is 13, by means of expanding 1 sew on both sides of the increased stitches.

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FOUR. 13 loops for thumb whilst knitting duration is 12 cm, stored on the spit 34 Knitting continues with stitching.


5. Loops are separated for arms whilst knitting length is SIXTEEN cm. 8 loops within the middle of the knitting for the index finger, FOUR loops on both sides of the index finger for the middle finger, FOUR loops on both sides of the middle finger for the hoop finger, FOUR loops on both sides of the knitting are inserted into the security pin. .


6. For the index finger, knit 1 loop on either side of the 8 stitches within the center of the knitting, build up 10 stitches with 7 stitches (dimension may vary dependent on your finger period) and 1 row of stitches. The Two rows are lower, the next row is minimize and completed with the help of crochet.


7. Center finger For k, FOUR loop bottles are inserted on all sides of the index finger. FOUR loops are knitted, 2 loops are larger through filling the bottle thread, 4 loops are knitted and come to the top. Knitting is continued with 10 loops. Whilst the knitting length is EIGHT cm, the chopping process applied at the index finger is carried out within the same approach and knitted and completed.

8. the hoop finger is knitted in the similar means as the middle finger as 7 cm.

9. The little finger is knitted 5 cm with 8 loops on either side of the braid.

10. the edges of the hands and the glove are stitched in combination and finished.

1427893663551bed9f63575 .jpg

Notice: The number of stitches of glove start can range relying on the thickness and fineness of the thread. the scale of the rubber knit implemented at the wrist is knitted in several lengths and patterns, upon request.

Well Being on your hand!

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