Making Gradient Baby Cardigan

Hi ..…

I’M here with an overly popular model.

Colour transition cardigan is also known as this style. The model is knitted with double yarn.

Our knitting with harosha knitting method.

you can use the newborn yarn you wish to have.

Those sizes are suitable for 1- 1.FIVE years of age.

By increasing or reducing the robada proportionally, you can adapt it to the age group you need.

Let’s start?


La Mia Baby Cotton hand knitting yarn;
2 pieces of White (L001) color thread
2 pieces of Blue (L041) color thread
2 items of Black (L006) color rope6 medium measurement buttonsPurpur pompom4.5-FIVE mm skewer

we commence with a double layer of white thread.

1) First, the hood is knitted. It starts with 37 loops. SEVENTY FOUR tooth are knitted until they’re comfortable. We double and sew one facet. The phase we sew will probably be the again of the hood.

2) We pull out SEVENTY TWO loops from the bottom of the hood and knit 1 row of harosha.

In the back row, 2 stitches are knitted on both sides of the inverts, and the loops are knit totally flat.

(Entrance is 15 loops, Arms are 10 loops, Rear 14 loops, 2 loops are arrange because the yoke.)

3) While SIXTEEN increments, that is, while 16 tooth are mistaken, palms are knitted first.


We continue with the hood.

(We break one in every of the white thread and tie the blue thread.)

< strong> 1) We knit with 11 tooth white-blue thread.

(We lower the opposite white thread and tie the blue thread.)

2) We knit NINE tooth of blue-blue harosa.

(We tear off considered one of the blue threads and tie the black thread.) .

(Different blue We additionally reduce the string and tie the black thread.)

4) We knit 10 enamel of black-black haras.

ensure that to make the twine adjustments on both fingers and the same place on the trunk .


We proceed from the hood.

( We tear off one among the white thread and tie the blue thread.)

1) We knit ELEVEN enamel of white-blue haras.

(We minimize the opposite white thread and tie the blue thread. )

2) We knit 9 enamel of blue-blue harosa.

(bring to a halt certainly one of the blue thread we tie the black thread.)

3) We knit 9 teeth of blue-black harosha.

(We cut the opposite blue thread and tie the black thread.)

4) We knit 10 tooth of black-black harosa.


Let’s make two button holes in each row with 10 tooth apart, 3 stitches within the first position,

Let’s sew buttons and pompoms to our cardigan. .

Our cardigan is set

I desire everyone a comfort…

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