Making Heart Bookends From Ropes

How approximately making a bookends different for Valentine’s Day from the surplus threads for your house?

With this bookmark you can make in a short time, you will all the time be along with your loved ones!


residual threads (I used cotton threads) 2.5 mm crochetAbeclang (Ice cream stick) Needle, thread Silicone gun

how to make

1) 2 chains, 3 triple handrails into the magic ring, We make 3 double handrails, 1 chain, 1 triple handrail, 1 chain, THREE double handrails, THREE triple handrails, THREE chains and end with loop wrapping. We tighten our ring and attach the rope.

in this means, we knit 7 items of hearts in several colours or within the related colour.

2) We stitch the hearts we knit together. We stitch the final center in the center.

3) We glue the center package we sewed to the most recent abeslan.

Our braces are ready

you can gift your family members through doing many.


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